Lingt launches new product at

We’ve been busy this summer doing two things. First, we’ve been thrilled to see Lingt Classroom grow in popularity and become an integral part of classrooms across the globe. It’s been a pleasure getting to know all the teachers out there who actively search for new technology to improve their students’ experience and found us. To all our users: thank you.

Secondly, we built a shiny new product that helps individuals learn a language online. As opposed to Lingt Classroom which helps teachers engage their students, our new site is meant for anyone that wants to self-study to pick up a new language. Lingt Classroom is still going to operate and be supported like it always has, and we look forward to continuing to improve it.

You can see the new site here. Right now, we’re only offering Chinese (other languages to be added soon), so to the Chinese teachers using Lingt: please tell your students to check it out.

Meeting MaFLA

We had a wonderful opportunity yesterday to present to the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association yesterday. It was such a pleasure to get such thoughtful feedback from the people on the other end of our technology.

The response was resoundlingly positive and we can’t wait to work with them to get Lingt in more classrooms. We definitely look forward to seeing MaFLA again at their conference in October.

We met one extremely helpful and dedicated teacher named Joshua Cabral. He’s already blogged on our visit – check it out!

IB and AP Preparation

As the semester winds down, high school seniors around the world are dreading the fast-approaching IB and AP exams. If they’re like us (IB and AP students ourselves), the oral component of the language exams is amongst the most intimidating beasts.

My IB French teacher was great: very committed to making sure we learned French and enthusiastic enough to incorporate interesting classroom activites and homework. However, when it came to oral exam time, I couldn’t shake my anxiety. I felt so unprepared. Despite the in-class speaking drills, I was terrified of that spinning tape recorder. Just imagine how hopeless I would be if actually dropped in France.

I wish I had Lingt when I was preparing for the IB exam. My only real preparation was an after-school practice-run with my teacher a couple weeks before – which was itself a terrific effort on her part given the time and resources required to do this for the entire class. Lingt would have allowed me to practice responding to oral prompts as part of my homework – no need to take time after-school or in class. The built-in feedback mechanism would have let me re-listen to my original speech alongside my teacher’s feedback. It would have saved my teacher tons of time and effort – and from my perspective as a student, I would have much preferred online speaking assignments over another journaling orĀ  fill-in-the-blank exercise.

We think Lingt should be incorporated in a classroom’s normal homework regimen, but it does seem uniquely perfect for preparing students for the oral component of the IB and AP exams. Get in touch if you’re an IB Language teacher and are interested in incorporate Lingt for free today.