Want to share Lingt?

We’ve put together a PDF presentation to save you some work when you pitch or share Lingt with your admin or colleagues. Email us if you’d like the source files to modify!

You can find it here: https://lingt.com/support/.

Two New Features

Looks like everyone is pretty happy with the design update and new features. That’s great!

We’ve had a few more feature requests come in this week that we just got done implementing. First, you can now hide a class. If you want to keep a class around to reference old assignments or retain old student data, you can now do so by clicking the “hide” button in the upper-right corner of the class screen. You’ll find it next to the Delete Class button.

Second, you can now search for another user’s assignments by username. Some teachers wanted to collaborate with colleagues at other schools and, with this feature, that’s now possible. You just need their username (the last part of their Lingt URL: lingt.com/<username>).

Let us know if you have any other ideas how to make Lingt even better. We’re always happy to hear from you.

Search and Quick View Features Added to Beta

When we migrated to the new site at the beginning of the year, we lost two features in the move. Today, we’re super proud to announce that they’re back.

First, we have restored the ability for you to view all of the responses to a particular prompt together. This is useful if you plan on just grading one specific part of an assignment, or if you want a quick glance at how well your students understood a particular concept. It’s now called “Quick View” and is listed at the top of the submission list when you view responses.

Second, we’ve made a giant step towards restoring the search and share functionality from the old site. We still have some work to do: for example, you can’t search by language or tags like you used to yet. However, you can search by title and quickly view the assignments being made by the other teachers on your group license. It’s a good start, and we’ll be working hard to make that more useful in the coming weeks.

See the new features on the beta site at https://beta.lingt.com. We hope to have that rolled out to everyone in another two weeks or so; until then, feel free to play around with the new beta interface and send in your feedback.

Finally, a huge thanks to Beth and Janet at Nation Ford High School for working closely with me to make sure our recent work will be as useful as possible.

Lingt Improvements and New Features on beta.lingt.com

Starting this week, we’re making some of our recent work available to our users. Just go to https://beta.lingt.com and login with your usual Lingt credentials. All of your data will be exactly the same as on the main site, so if you prefer the beta interface, feel free to start using it. You don’t need to update the link you send your students  – continue to send them to lingt.com/<teacher> as you always have.

So far, it’s mostly a big aesthetic overhaul – we’ve tried to clean up everything and make the site a lot less black and gray. We’ve also added some subtle animations that make things a little more pleasant to use. We haven’t touched the editor or the student interface yet, but we’ve poured a lot of love into making student and assignment management easier for our teachers.

We have already added a few much-requested features. First, there is now a notification system that will make it very easy to see when you have new submissions and to know which ones you have already reviewed at a glance. Second, you can now sort submissions alphabetically or by the time they were submitted. Third, there’s now a “View Context” option that will let you see the original assignment inline with student responses.

“Templates” have also been moved to an entirely separate page called “Archive.” There was too much confusion around the difference between class assignments and templates, so we’ve made an effort to make them much more distinct.

A quick disclaimer:  the beta site will be a work-in-progress for the next month or two before we roll it out to everybody. It’s functional enough that we’d like to invite teachers to take advantage of the new design, but you may find some rough edges. If you do, please let us know and we’ll work to get them fixed quickly. Since we haven’t touched any of the recorder, audio, or actual assignment-taking functionality, any bugs you might encounter will not be mission critical.

And if all this beta talk just makes you nervous, please just continue to use Lingt as always! But if you’re feeling adventurous and want to help us improve the site, we’d love to hear what you think.


Summer 2017 Updates!

Welcome back to school! While the students have been away, we’ve been working hard this summer to improve Lingt.

The biggest news first: we built an iPhone app! While teachers still need to build and manage assignments on a computer, students can browse and complete all of your assignments on an iPad or iPhone. You can currently find the app in the App Store.

Early this year, we launched a massive overhaul of the website. Lingt was starting to show its age and received some much-needed love to its design and core functionality. We appreciate everyone’s patience and enthusiasm in making that transition with us.

Over the next few months, we’ll be adding some important and much-requested features to Lingt. We’ll be making it easier for you to sort and organize your templates and assignments. We’re going to be adding features that allow you to set time limits for individual prompts and entire assignments. And we’re going to be making some aesthetic changes to make everything a bit more colorful and fun to use. Expect these features to roll out over the next two or three months. We’ll keep you posted here.

As always, we always love to hear from you. If you have some feedback, a feature request, or just want to share how you’re using Lingt in your classroom, don’t be shy to get in touch!


Beginning the move to new Lingt

Happy holidays everyone! For Christmas, we got you all a new and improved Lingt!

It’s no secret that Lingt has been showing its age for a while. We’ve not only re-designed the site to look a lot cleaner, but many of the technologies behind the scenes have been updated to hopefully result in our service being faster and more reliable.

We’re going to continue working to improve things, but we think new Lingt is ready to begin going mainstream. If you’re a current user on Lingt, we encourage you to begin using the new service at lingt.com. We’ve migrated everyone’s accounts over, so you can use your same email and password on the new site.

However, if you prefer, you can continue to use your old account on lingtlanguage.com for the rest of this school year.  After that, we’re going to move everyone over to the new site.

And, as always, just get in touch if you have any questions or need help with anything as we make this move.

We hope everyone enjoys the new Lingt as much as we do. Happy holidays!


UPDATE 1/15/17:

We’ve heard you and you can now easily move your classrooms and assignments over to the new Lingt.  Just visit your account page on lingt.com and use the button near the bottom to start copying over your assignments.  If you need any help just reach out to us at support@lingt.com.

Checkout the new Lingt!

We’ve re-built Lingt from the ground up and we’d like to invite you to try it out!

At the moment our old site is still running at http://lingtlanguage.com, but we’d like to invite you to try out our new beta at https://www.lingt.com.  Your old logins and passwords should still work.  The site is still in beta so if you run into any issues, definitely send us feedback at support@lingtlanguage.com.  Eventually, we plan to move all usage to lingt.com but we need your help working through the kinks first.

Back to school!

Its back to school season at Ling Classroom! Nothing has changed too much but Kim & I and are still keeping things running here.  We’ve recently upgraded our audio services with more handle more storage.  As always, let us know if we can help with anything, though please forgive us if it takes a bit more time than normal to respond to everything.


Kim & Chris