Search and Quick View Features Added to Beta

When we migrated to the new site at the beginning of the year, we lost two features in the move. Today, we’re super proud to announce that they’re back.

First, we have restored the ability for you to view all of the responses to a particular prompt together. This is useful if you plan on just grading one specific part of an assignment, or if you want a quick glance at how well your students understood a particular concept. It’s now called “Quick View” and is listed at the top of the submission list when you view responses.

Second, we’ve made a giant step towards restoring the search and share functionality from the old site. We still have some work to do: for example, you can’t search by language or tags like you used to yet. However, you can search by title and quickly view the assignments being made by the other teachers on your group license. It’s a good start, and we’ll be working hard to make that more useful in the coming weeks.

See the new features on the beta site at We hope to have that rolled out to everyone in another two weeks or so; until then, feel free to play around with the new beta interface and send in your feedback.

Finally, a huge thanks to Beth and Janet at Nation Ford High School for working closely with me to make sure our recent work will be as useful as possible.