Beginning the move to new Lingt

Happy holidays everyone! For Christmas, we got you all a new and improved Lingt!

It’s no secret that Lingt has been showing its age for a while. We’ve not only re-designed the site to look a lot cleaner, but many of the technologies behind the scenes have been updated to hopefully result in our service being faster and more reliable.

We’re going to continue working to improve things, but we think new Lingt is ready to begin going mainstream. If you’re a current user on Lingt, we encourage you to begin using the new service at We’ve migrated everyone’s accounts over, so you can use your same email and password on the new site.

However, if you prefer, you can continue to use your old account on for the rest of this school year.  After that, we’re going to move everyone over to the new site.

And, as always, just get in touch if you have any questions or need help with anything as we make this move.

We hope everyone enjoys the new Lingt as much as we do. Happy holidays!


UPDATE 1/15/17:

We’ve heard you and you can now easily move your classrooms and assignments over to the new Lingt.  Just visit your account page on and use the button near the bottom to start copying over your assignments.  If you need any help just reach out to us at