Lingt Classroom reaches over 10000 hours of audio!

A few days ago Lingt Classroom stored enough audio to play continuously for over a year.  We’ve had to continually upgrade our audio servers to compensate for this increase in usage.

Since our last update we’ve continued to grow and are seeing Lingt Classroom used for languages from Russian to Burmese, and even applications from History to Speech Therapy.  A number of schools in the U.S. as well as international schools abroad have begun to use Lingt Classroom extensively among their staff.  In some cases Lingt Classroom is being used as language lab alternative that supports out of classroom and asynchronous voice feedback between teachers and students.

Thanks to all those advisors, teachers, and students that have supported us along the way. Direct referrals from other educators continue to be our biggest source of new users.

We look forward to providing the education community with a high quality product for the years and years to come.